We are a team of technology experts, data scientist, cryptocurrency investors and product managers. We struggle to understand the nuances, charts, quants and lingos in the crypto world. We believe something need to be done to improve this.

Our Vision

Bitcurate knows the best investment strategies are data-driven. That’s why our platform tracks millions of data points every day, streamlining comprehensive crypto information into the market intelligence you need, when you need.

Our Belief

We truly believe in empowering investors with best analytics for data-driven decision making. Crypto is changing the world as we speak, and Bitcurate is unlocking the who, what, where, and when. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to invest with confidence.


Victor Lee

Experienced entrepreneur and active crypto investor. >18 years of corporate and startup in SCB, Omnicom, Citigroup & GE Assurance. Expert in sales, marketing and biz dev.

Daren Tan

All round technical engineering lead and full stack developer. Completed 26 projects and 8 awards won. Masters in data science from MMU. Expert in data science & machine learning.

Manjusha S.

Experienced in growth, marketing and product dev. Masters in Marketing and MBA graduate. Ex-Facebook & Ex-Deloitte. Expert in analytics, digital marketing and e-commerce.

Fay Lee
GM China

Experienced in crypto analyst and marketing. Bachelor of Arts from University of Science & Technology Beijing. Ex-Zhongan and ex-Loopring (Crypto Wallet protocol).

Vivan Raj
Data Science

Expert in data science and machine learning. Full stack developer. Masters in Artificial Intelligence; Essex. Experienced in CNN, RNN and GAN. Loves crunching data and big numbers.

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